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Holiday houses & apartments in the Cévennes

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Cévennes holiday home is your gateway to intact nature

The mountainous region of Cévennes, located in the south of France, is where three French provinces - Languedoc-Roussillon, Auvergne and the French Alps and Rhone Valley, meet. The national park is one of the least populated regions in the country, featuring quaint villages, high mountains and oak, birch and pine forests. Flowery plateaus, expansive forests and scenic gorges of Cévennes cater to nature lovers and travellers wishing to relax in a peaceful environment. The region is a hidden gem of France, and booking a holiday home in Cévennes allows you to explore the area most travellers remain unaware of.

General information about Cévennes

France has many attractive regions that keep the Cévennes National Park off the radar of most holidaymakers. The beauty of this region in the south of the country is far ahead of its reputation, allowing travellers to admire diverse nature and enjoy a relaxed vibe.

Things to do in the destination

Cévennes National Park lends itself to walking dense forests, admiring flowery fields, acquainting with authentic rural life and climbing mountains. Tarn Gorges, located in the Lozère department, are among Europe's deepest gorges. The signposted path leading from Sainte-Enimie to Millau reveals traditional villages, rock formations and lush valleys. Located near the Florac commune, Mont Aigoual Observatory is a viewpoint standing around 1550m above sea level. On clear days, you can see the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees from there. Nearby Mont Lozère is the highest peak of Cévennes. Standing at the 1700m altitude, it is the top destination for skiing during winter months. Besides marvellous nature, take time to explore traditional villages of Cévennes. La Garde-Guerin is one of the most beautiful villages in France, featuring medieval stone houses and cobblestone streets. Hills and lush vegetation surround the Pont de Montvert village.

Great day trips from the region

There are a few great places you can visit from your holiday home in Cévennes. Nîmes, Avignon and Pont du Gard are a short distance away from the national park to the southeast. Pont du Gard is a masterpiece of Roman engineering spanning the River Gardon near the town of Vers-Pont-du-Gard. It is an aqueduct about 50 meters tall, featuring three rows of arches of different sizes. Southwest of the Pont du Gard is Nîmes. Arena of Nîmes is an elliptical amphitheatre featuring two levels with 60 arches each. The city also prides on the Maison-Carree, a Roman temple elevated on a podium with Corinthian columns supporting its roof. Avignon, located east of Pont du Gard, used to be the seat of Catholic popes in the 14th century. The heavily-fortified Papal Palace boasting Gothic architecture is the top attraction of the city.

TUI Villas’ holiday homes in Cévennes

TUI Villas disposes of diverse holiday homes in Cévennes suitable for individual travellers, couples, and small and large groups. Many houses occupy vantage points with views of the surrounding area. Most of them are away from roads or fenced, ideal for guests with pets. If you prefer preparing meals, the majority of Cévennes holiday homes have kitchens with dishwashers. Wireless internet and washing machines are other basic facilities in most houses and villas. Some of them have whirlpools and outdoor pools for their guests to enjoy during warm months. Individual travellers and couples may choose among a wide range of Cévennes holiday apartments on offer. TUI Villas adheres to high standards regarding privacy, quality and functionality when choosing holiday homes in Cévennes and other destinations. Villas and flats available for any budget, safe booking and high level of comfort are other trademarks of TUI Villas.

Popular destinations and neighbouring locations

Surrounded by greenery, Salavas is a village featuring stone houses. Travellers come to this village to enjoy exceptional walks in nature and admire views of Mount Lozère and the Alps. A medieval archaeological locality is another highlight of Salavas, located within walking distance from most Cévennes holiday apartments. Vallon-Pont-d’Arc attracts fans of nature who dream of canoeing through gorges or enjoying the beaches of the River Ardeche. One- and two-day canoeing opportunities are available for visitors enjoying sports and families preferring relaxation. Holiday-makers have a great time while exploring forests, caves and vineyards near Vallon-Pont-d'Arc. Uzès Town is a former Protestant stronghold abounding with Renaissance houses lining medieval streets and alleys. Dominated by the Ducal Castle and a few towers, the town occupies a rocky promontory surrounded by forests.

Travelling to Cévennes from the UK

To reach Cévennes, fly to Montpellier or Marseille from the UK. While Montpellier is closer to the national park, Marseille features a better connection with UK cities. Visitors use trains and buses to reach their final destination in Cévennes NP. Gare d'Alès is the main train station in the area, but if you travel to Uzès, catch a bus connection in Nîmes or Avignon. Renting a car at the airport is the best option for travellers wishing to explore the area. N106 is the major road in Cévennes, connecting Uzès in the south and Pont-de-Montvert in the north. Alès is the main transport hub in the national park, with roads radiating in different directions from there. Holiday-makers visiting the region by car should buy a local road map and use Alès as the orientating point.

Best times of the year to visit Cévennes

The best period for booking a holiday home in Cévennes is from May to September since the park features warm temperatures and low rainfall during that time. July is the warmest month, with average temperatures ranging from 19°C to 30°C, while January is the coolest with air temperatures varying between 3°C and 10°C. For sightseeing and outings in nature, you should visit Cévennes from spring to autumn, but avoid October since this month is the rainiest annual month. To enjoy canoeing and swimming, come in summer. Visitors fond of winter sports (skiing and sleigh rides with huskies, in particular) should visit Mount Lozère in winter.

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  • Sainte-Enimie, Cévennes

    Holiday home for max. 2 persons

    Property no. 1516023
    from USD 539
    for 1 week
    Approx. 55 m², 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, pets not allowed, washing machine, dishwasher
  • Anduze, Cévennes

    Holiday home for max. 12 persons

    Property no. 1716502
    from USD 2,167
    for 1 week
    Approx. 240 m², 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets are allowed (on request), satellite TV, Complete Wifi coverage, washing machine, dishwasher, non-smoking property, beach approx. 60 km,
  • La Souche, Cévennes

    Holiday home for max. 3 persons

    Property no. 383148
    from USD 719
    for 1 week
    1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, pets are allowed (max. 1), washing machine, dishwasher
  • Chambonas, Cévennes

    Holiday home for max. 5 persons

    Property no. 1346235
    + 1 more
    from USD 524
    for 1 week
    Approx. 68 m², 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, pets are allowed (on request), TV, washing machine, dishwasher, non-smoking property,
    4.3 out of 5 (10 Customer reviews)
    There is one further property type with one accommodation for this complex
  • Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, Cévennes

    Holiday home for max. 8 persons

    Property no. 1467763
    from USD 1,634
    for 1 week
    Approx. 139 m², 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets not allowed, satellite TV, Wifi, washing machine, dishwasher, ,
  • Saint-Marcel-d'Ardeche, Cévennes

    Holiday home for max. 8 adults + 2 children

    Property no. 1630719
    from USD 1,094
    for 1 week
    Approx. 150 m², 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets are allowed (max. 1), satellite TV, Wifi, washing machine, dishwasher,
  • Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, Cévennes

    Holiday home for max. 8 persons

    Property no. 1707015
    from USD 856
    for 1 week
    Approx. 150 m², 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets are allowed (on request), satellite TV, washing machine, dishwasher, sandy beach approx. 80 km, ,
    5.0 out of 5 (19 Customer reviews)
  • Les Vans, Cévennes

    Holiday home for max. 8 persons

    Property no. 982358
    from USD 1,424
    for 1 week
    Approx. 188 m², 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, pets are allowed (max. 1), TV, Wifi, washing machine, dishwasher,
    4.0 out of 5 (1 Customer review)
  • Saint-Marcel-de-Careiret, Cévennes

    Holiday home for max. 12 persons

    Property no. 1505535
    from USD 2,373
    for 1 week
    Approx. 400 m², 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, pets not allowed, cable TV, Wifi, washing machine, dishwasher, ,
  • La Capelle-et-Masmolène, Cévennes

    Holiday home for max. 8 persons

    Property no. 143587
    from USD 1,111
    for 1 week
    Approx. 165 m², 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets are allowed (max. 1), TV, Wifi, dishwasher, ,
    5.0 out of 5 (1 Customer review)
  • Saint-Ambroix, Cévennes

    Holiday home for max. 4 persons

    Property no. 1213318
    from USD 518
    for 1 week
    Approx. 50 m², 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, pets not allowed, TV, Wifi, washing machine, dishwasher,
    4.5 out of 5 (2 Customer reviews)
  • Saint-André-de-Valborgne, Cévennes

    Holiday home for max. 14 persons

    Property no. 1707013
    from USD 2,341
    for 1 week
    Approx. 220 m², 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pets are allowed (on request), cable TV, Complete Wifi coverage, washing machine, dishwasher, non-smoking property, shingle beach approx. 1 km, sea approx. 100 km,
    4.0 out of 5 (1 Customer review)
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