Locations de vacances avec le TUI Smile

Chez TUI Villas, vous trouvez un grand choix de locations de vacances situées dans toute l’Europe et au-delà. Nous sommes l’opérateur de tous les logements portant le TUI Smile et vous profitez de nombreux avantages :

  • Réservation directe sans délai d’attente jusqu’à la confirmation
  • Contrôle qualitatif régulier par un chef de produit
  • Interlocuteur sur place
Mille autres logements

Outre nos propres maisons et appartements de vacances, nous proposons en tant qu’intermédiaire d’autres logements appartenant à des tiers. Il s’agit d’hôtes dignes de confiance, d’agences locales et de spécialistes ainsi que de tour-opérateurs renommés. Pour savoir qui est le prestataire d’un logement, il vous suffit de consulter le descriptif de ce logement.

Offre pour les propriétaires

Vous avez vous-même un appartement ou une maison de vacances dont vous souhaitez augmenter le remplissage et ainsi atteindre plus de clients ? TUI Villas se charge de la location active et de la commercialisation dans toute l'Europe – sans aucun risque pour vous en tant que propriétaire.

Votre logement est peut-être lui aussi une villa TUI. Pour le savoir, inscrivez-vous comme propriétaire.

Service et contact

Pour toute question concernant les logements ou les réservations, notre service clientèle se tient avec plaisir à votre disposition :

Les e-mails et les demandes effectuées par le biais du formulaire sont traités 24/24 heures, même le week-end et les jours féries.

Ou nous appeler au
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Covid-19: Information on the current situation

Dear customers,

the current situation is a challenge for all of us. We understand that many of you are uncertain whether future planned trips can take place and what the options for rebooking and canceling a trip will be in the next few weeks. We will do our best to answer all your questions and be there for you. We are currently receiving a lot of e-mails, which is why it is unfortunately unavoidable that response times can be much longer than usual.

Before you contact us please note the following:

  • All customers who have booked through us with one of the following tour operators, please contact the respective tour operator directly for any queries: TUI Ferienhaus, e-domizil AG, Interchalet, Interhome, Novasol, dansommer, Belvilla, Center Parcs, Pierre et Vacances, Landal Green Parks, Frosch Holiday Homes, Sol og Strand. Current travel information as well as contact details and links to the websites are listed below. Unfortunately, our customer service cannot help with enquiries about bookings with the providers mentioned.
  • All customers who have booked with another provider through us should first check the section below "At a glance: Your questions – Our answers". If your question cannot be answered or you would like to cancel/change a booking based on the information below, please send an e-mail to
  • If you have already contacted us about a previous booking or a booking that is about to start shortly but have not yet received a response, please be patient. Even if it takes longer than usual – we take care of every booking and don't forget anyone.

On this page we will keep you informed about current changes. Further information on developments and the measures taken to prevent further spread of the coronavirus can be found on the websites of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Federal Foreign Office, the Robert Koch Institute or the Federal Centre for Health Education. Stay healthy!

Your TUI Villas team

At a glance: Your questions – Our answers

1. Can I withdraw from my trip free of charge if there is a travel warning?

If it is not possible to travel to your booked holiday accommodation due to an official travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office or official travel restrictions in the holiday region, you can request a free cancellation from the provider. Since a holiday home booking is an individual service and therefore does not fall under the package travel law, there is no general obligation on the part of the provider to cancel free of charge. The decisive factor is whether the accommodation can be provided as such. In any case, the cancellation must always be carried out by the provider and must be confirmed by the provider. As a mediation platform, atraveo brings vacationers and owners together, regulates communication and, in most cases, payment, but is not a tour operator and therefore cannot proactively cancel bookings on its own. We are obliged to adhere to the contracts with the owners and must first consult him whenever we request a cancellation. It is of course our primary interest that you can withdraw from a booking, which is de facto not possible due to ongoing travel restrictions, and we are committed to this in dialogue with the owner.

2. I've been waiting for an answer from you for a long time? Did you forget me?

Even if you have been waiting for a response from us for a long time, please be assured that we will not forget anyone and that everything will be processed. Especially because we - as described in the previous section - have to take care of almost every booking / cancellation individually and have to consult with the providersowners, there are sometimes considerable waiting times during processing. Unfortunately, waiting times of several weeks are possible in some cases. Of course, this circumstance in no way meets the demands that we have of ourselves and our service promise - in the current situation, unfortunately, it is not otherwise possible.

A few important notes for customers who have contacted us and are waiting for an answer:

  • If you have canceled your booking, which is outside the travel warnings and restrictions, in accordance with the scale of the cancellation costs, the time at which you informed us of the cancellation request applies. Even if our answer is still pending, there is no danger that you will slip into a higher cancellation scale.
  • If you have already contacted the provider yourself, agreed with him on the cancellation and all that is missing now is confirmation and reimbursement from us, please be patient. In this case, we ideally already have the cancellation request from you and the cancellation confirmation on the part of the provider in the system and have simply not yet come to your booking in the chronological processing of all open processes.
  • If you have contacted us about a completely different matter about your future booking (e.g. question about equipment, subsequent booking of a certain service), we will definitely take care of your questions and requests. Our focus is currently on upcoming arrivals, which is why there are longer waiting times for bookings for summer, autumn or winter. In many cases, most of the questions can also be answered by the travel documents, which are usually sent to you two weeks before arrival.
  • Our big request to make it as easy as possible for us and other holidaymakers who are also waiting for an answer: Please refrain from further inquiries by e-mail if you are already waiting for an answer from us. No email will be forgotten and it is enough to contact us once about a matter. Processes are not automatically accelerated by further e-mails, since we are guided by e-mails received first as well as upcoming arrivals.

3. There is currently no travel warning for my booking, but I don't want to travel. What options do I have?

We are currently focusing primarily on bookings where the arrival is within the official travel restriction measures. Please understand that we are currently not providing any information for bookings that are further in the future and, as a mediator for your booking, we cannot cancel free of charge. We also do not know how future travel warnings will develop. However, if you feel insecure about your upcoming trip, you can currently cancel the trip yourself in accordance with the provider's general terms and conditions. This way you can rule out all risks - regardless of how future travel warnings and restrictions develop. You can find an overview of the cancellation costs in the last booking step on our website. Please enter your property number in the search and click through to the booking order. There you will find the general terms and conditions of the provider with the corresponding cancellation scales. If you want to follow this recommendation, simply let us know your cancellation request.

As an alternative to a cancellation, we can ask the provider / landlord whether it is possible to rebook for a later travel date. Just let our service team know your favorite new travel date. Depending on availability, we will rebook your stay on this date. You can easily see which travel dates are still bookable at your accommodation in the property description on our website. Simply enter the object number in the search. Please note that additional costs may arise if the rental price for the new travel period is higher.

4. Where can I find an overview of the cancellation costs / the general terms and conditions?

You will find an overview of the cancellation costs in the last booking step on our website. Please enter your object number in the search and click through to the booking order. There you will find the general terms and conditions of the provider with the corresponding cancellation scales.

5. Can I make a rebooking?

We can ask the provider/owner if it is possible to change to a later travel date. Please inform our service team by e-mail about your preferred new travel date and we will rebook your trip to this date depending on availability. You can easily see which travel dates are still bookable at your accommodation in the property description on our website. Simply enter the property number in the search. Please note that additional costs may be incurred, e.g. if the rental price for the new travel period is higher or rebooking fees are incurred.

6. Do I still have to make my final payment, even if it is uncertain whether I can travel?

Since your journey is still far in the future and therefore currently not affected by the official measures for travel restrictions, your final payment must be made in any case. Should there be a cancellation according to the general terms and conditions of the provider at a  later date, we will of course refund the difference.

7. Can I still add a travel insurance now?

The conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance for your existing booking is only possible up to 48 hours after your booking was confirmed
We recommend that you check the benefits of a travel cancellation insurance in the current situation under the following link:

The costs of travel cancellation insurance for your booking werde communicated to you in the email "Your booking No. ...", which you received after confirming the booking.

8. What about bookings in summer, autumn or winter 2020?

As your arrival is still far in the future, we cannot give you any information at this time. We are currently concentrating mainly on bookings where the journey is within the official travel restrictions. 

You have the possibility to cancel the booking at this point in time on your own initiative in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the provider. You will find an overview of the cancellation costs in the last booking step on our website. Please enter your property number in the search and click through to the booking order. There you will find the general terms and conditions of the provider with the corresponding cancellation scales. If you wish to cancel, please inform us of your cancellation wish by e-mail.

Information on several tour operators

TUI Ferienhaus (tour operator properties marked with TUI Smile)

TUI Ferienhaus / Wolters Reisen

Important: Please note that TUI Ferienhaus refers to the tour operator product of Wolters Reisen GmbH and the information below only applies to bookings for which Wolters Reisen is the contractual partner / provider oft he property. This is the case for all accommodations that are marked with the TUI smile on and For all other bookings Wolters Reisen is not the tour operator, but the booking agent and the general terms and conditions or information from the respective provider apply.

[Status 6-2-2020, 11:00 a.m.]  Latest information:

TUI Ferienhaus suspends the travel program (except Germany) until June 14th, 2020 inclusive.

Arrivals will be possible in the following federal states from the date mentioned:

  • North Rhine-Westphalia from 11.05.2020 for holiday homes, from 18.05. for hotel-like accommodation facilities
  • Lower Saxony from May 11th, 2020 for holiday homes, from May 25th. for hotel-like accommodation facilities
  • Saxony, Hesse and Thuringia from May 15th, 2020
  • Brandenburg for holiday homes from May 15th, 2020, for hotel-like accommodation facilities from May 25th, 2020
  • Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for residents from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania from May 17, 2020, for residents from other federal states from May 25, 2020
  • Schleswig-Holstein, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland from May 18, 2020
  • Saxony-Anhalt for residents of Saxony-Anhalt for holiday homes from May 15, 2020, for hotel-like accommodation facilities from May 22, 2020, for residents from other federal states from May 28, 2020
  • Berlin from May 25th, 2020
  • Baden-Württemberg from May 18, 2020 for holiday homes, for hotel-like accommodation facilities from May 29, 2020
  • Bavaria from May 30th, 2020

Please note that you, as a traveler, are responsible for finding out whether you can enter certain countries or regions before you travel. Please inform yourself on the portals of the state governments, your embassy or in your consulate or follow the media, as the regulations on travel and tourism change hourly. As soon as TUI Ferienhaus receives the information, you will be informed immediately on this page.

If your trip abroad begins on June 15, 2020, or within Germany in accordance with the travel dates listed above, the cancellation and cancellation conditions specified in your travel contract apply if you cancel, provided there is no travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office.

Since TUI Ferienhaus must proceed chronologically according to the travel date, TUI Ferienhaus asks you for patience. In the event of a cancellation, TUI Ferienhaus will definitely contact you and talk to you about how to proceed.

Daily updated information:

e-domizil AG (including Bellevue holiday home and formerly EHR, European Holiday Rentals)

[Status 05-08-2020, 15:00 p.m.] Latest information:

For customers with a holiday home booking from the property portfolio of e-domizil AG (formerly EHR, European Holiday Rentals)

Travel within Germany with arrivals until May 6, 2020

  • In May there are still travel restrictions for domestic travel, which vary from state to state - an overview can be found at the German Tourism Association.
  • We offer a free rebooking option for the same holiday home for a later travel time. If a rebooking to the same holiday home is not possible, you can rebook to another e-domizil AG accommodation free of charge
  • If you want to cancel, you will receive the amount already paid in the form of a voucher for a holiday home booking from the e-domizil AG portfolio with a validity until December 31, 2021 (based on the decision of the Federal Government of April 2, 2020 as well as other European countries).

Travel abroad with arrivals until June 14, 2020

  • For all arrivals until June 14, 2020, the Federal Foreign Office has issued a travel warning for tourist trips by German citizens abroad.
  • We offer a free rebooking option for the same holiday home for a later travel time. If a rebooking to the same holiday home is not possible, you can rebook to another e-domizil AG accommodation free of charge.
  • If you want to cancel, you will receive the amount already paid in the form of a voucher for a holiday home booking from the e-domizil AG portfolio with a validity until December 31, 2021 (based on the decision of the Federal Government of April 2, 2020 as well as other European countries).

Travel outside travel restrictions

Travel with arrival date outside the travel restrictions mentioned above can be started. We would be happy to ask the landlord for a free rebooking. Cancellation is possible according to the terms and conditions.

Travel within Switzerland

  • If you have booked accommodation within Switzerland and live in Switzerland, you can still start your trip as it currently stands.
  • On request, a free transfer to the same holiday home for a travel time within one year is possible.
  • Free cancellations or rebookings are currently not provided for domestic travel.

"Due to the high volume of enquiries, we must currently prioritise these according to the earliest date of arrival. Please understand that the processing of your request may therefore take some time. Please help us by not calling us, but waiting until we contact you. We will not forget you!"

Please find here daily updates:

Interchalet & Interhome

[Status 05-07-2020, 17:30 p.m.] Latest information:

"Given the effects of the corona virus on our work, our social contacts, our travel behavior and in accordance with the official requirements, the Holiday Home Division has decided to cancel all cross-border trips with arrival date until June 14, 2020.
Due to this situation, all bookings with arrival until June 14, 2020 with a travel destination that is not your own country of residence will be automatically canceled by us free of charge.
Trips in your own country of residence are excluded, exceptions are shown in the table below.
The cancellation conditions of HHD remain valid for all other bookings."
See exceptions and more information here:

Novasol / dansommer

[Status 03-17-2020, 11:50 a.m.]

The global COVID 19 pandemic is leading to border closures worldwide. This is an exceptional situation. At NOVASOL / dansommer everything is being done to help guests all over Europe who have booked accommodation in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, the booking services will help you. Please note that longer waiting times may occur due to the exceptionally high volume of calls.


[Status 05-05-2020, 05:00 p.m.]

Until 40 and more days before your arrival date you can rebook your holiday for a fee of 75 €. You can rebook your stay to another time in the same holiday property, to another holiday property or, if you wish, to another destination. If you have booked a security package for 8 € in addition, you can of course rebook free of charge up to 40 days before the date of arrival. In this case the € 75 will be waived. Please contact Novasol as soon as possible if you wish to accept the possibility of rebooking. In this case, Novasol asks you to choose an exact date and object before contacting Novasol. In this way Novasol can help you and other holiday guests faster and better. If you wish to cancel your booking, this will be done for a fee that will increase the closer the cancellation is to the scheduled arrival date. See for more information. The Novasol customer service department currently receives a lot of enquiries, which unfortunately leads to very long response times both by phone and by e-mail.

All information on:


[Status 03-26-2020, 11:30 a.m.] Latest information:

"The government in Denmark has decided to close the borders for tourists from 14 March - 13 April 2020. Due to this exceptional and extraordinary situation, this is a case of force majeure for bookings affected by this. If you are affected by this, please contact our customer service. By email: or phone: +49 (0)40 - 23 88 59 92. Our customer service will help you. However, the lines are currently overloaded due to the current situation. The e-mail processing will take longer accordingly. Contacting our customer service at a later date will not have any adverse effects if your booking is a case of force majeure. We will do our utmost to help you as soon as possible and hope for your understanding! For further questions regarding your booking we also refer to the valid AGB`s: "

All information is available at:


All information on how to rebook accommodation at Belvilla can be found here:

[As of 04-27-2020, 04:00 p.m.] Latest information:

If you have made a booking for an area with a travel warning, your booking will be automatically canceled by Belvilla at least 3 days before the arrival date. You will receive a voucher by email with the amount you have paid. Belvilla will send you the voucher by email. Belvilla will ensure that you receive the voucher as soon as possible and at least 3 days before your planned arrival date. The amount of the voucher is the total amount paid for your current booking, including on-site costs and insurance costs (if applicable). The deposit paid to Belvilla will be refunded (due to the current additional workload, this process can take at least 8 weeks). If you have made a new booking that is more expensive than the current booking, you will be asked to pay the difference. Please note that when using the voucher for some countries, travel restrictions may still apply to the arrival date you selected. Please check this before booking. If you have booked a new holiday home with the voucher and the new booking unfortunately has to be canceled due to a changed travel restriction, you will receive the amount paid as a new voucher.

If travel to or from the resort is prohibited, we recommend that you keep up to date with the official travel warnings from your own government. If you are in a place where the travel warning changes contact Belvilla's 24/7 SOS service (number on your travel voucher) and the local offices. Until then, stay safe and follow the instructions of the responsible authorities.

Belvilla enables 'free rebooking'. The flexible booking method allows you to move the dates of your stay or choose a different holiday home for travel in 2020. The transfer amount should be equal to or less than the original amount. The difference, if any, is to be paid by the guest. This applies to all bookings with an arrival date in 2020 that are currently made. The rebooking request can be made by June 30, 2020 by phone using the Belvilla customer service number. You can change, postpone or delay your booking as you wish.

All information at:

Center Parcs & Pierre et Vacances

[Status 05-14-2020, 09:45 a.m.] Latest information:

The Center Parcs parks in the Netherlands will reopen on the following dates:

  • Het Meerdal May 20, 2020
  • Parc Sandur May 20, 2020
  • De Eemhof May 29, 2020
  • Het Heijderbos May 29, 2020
  • De Kempervennen May 29, 2020
  • Limburgse Peel May 29, 2020
  • De Huttenheugte May 29, 2020
  • Port Zélande May 29, 2020
  • Park Zandvoort June 5, 2020

The German parks will reopen on the following dates:

  • Park North Sea Coast, Bispinger Heide and Park Hochsauerland May 25, 2020
  • Park Eifel, Park Bostalsee, Park Allgäu May 29, 2020

The Center Parcs and Sunparks parks in the other countries are expected to remain closed until the following dates:

  • Belgium: Center Parcs and Sunparks: June 8, 2020
  • French parks: June 5, 2020

If you have booked a stay after the reopening dates of the parks, your holiday can take place. Center Parcs closely monitors the developments and if the situation changes, you will be informed by e-mail or SMS.

Further information is available on:

Landal GreenParks

[Status 05-18-2020, 02:30 p.m.] Latest information: 

With the opening of all German holiday parks on 18 May, some facilities such as outdoor playgrounds, bicycle rental and miniature golf will also open. Further facilities will probably follow in the following weeks. Currently, more and more holiday parks and campsites of Landal GreenParks are opening.

On 18 May 2020 all holiday parks in Germany will be open again. Due to the exceptional situation we are currently in, a holiday voucher has been introduced. The holiday voucher is a voucher that you can use as an online payment method when you book a new stay at Landal because your originally booked stay at one of our holiday parks is not possible or you have decided not to take advantage of your original stay.

The value of the holiday voucher corresponds to the price of the holiday you have already paid. You can request the voucher yourself using the following application form and later decide to which period you would like to postpone your booking. After checking and processing your details, the voucher will be sent to you by e-mail within 2 weeks at the latest.

If you have not found an alternative date for your holiday after the expiry date, Landal will refund the remaining amount.

More information:


[Status 05-22-2020, 04:00 p.m.]

Since the official stipulations are currently changing and adjusted frequently, you will find a compilation of the most current information via the following links:

Mecklenburg Western Pomerania:


Schleswig Holstein:

Federal Ministry of Health:

The worldwide travel warning has been extended until June 14, 2020. Remaining payments for booked, future trips from June 15, 2020 onwards must only be made to us when it is definitely certain that they can take place! If you have chosen direct debit as payment method, Frosch Ferienhäuser will not carry out direct debits for the remaining payment. Changes and cancellations are of course possible at any time according to the general terms and conditions of Frosch Holiday Homes, please contact Frosch Holiday Homes by email to

If your trip is not possible due to the Corona Pandemic (i.e. if there is an official travel ban regarding your holiday region and the time of your planned arrival), Frosch can offer you three solutions, you have the choice:

a) Free rebooking

Frosch Ferienhäuser recommends that you rebook your cancelled trip in the period from July to October 2020 as soon as possible and free of charge. 

b) Travel credit valid until December 31, 2022

For this purpose Frosch Ferienhäuser is pleased to offer you a travel credit in the amount of your cancelled booking, which can be used by you completely flexibly until December 31, 2022 for trips to any of the holiday regions of Frosch.

c) Repayment

If neither rebooking nor travel credit is an option for you, Frosch Holiday Homes will reimburse the price of your cancelled trip. In order to keep the planning horizon safe for you, all bookings for winter 20/21 have a free cancellation right until September 1, 2020.

More information on:



Sol og Strand/Sonne und Strand

[Status 04-14-2020, 08:15 a.m.]

All information about upcoming arrivals can be found at

"We are in an exceptional situation due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. The Danish authorities have taken a number of measures to reduce the spread of the virus. Among other things, the Danish borders are temporarily closed from March 14 (12 noon) to May 10 inclusive. Therefore, guests who booked a spring stay in a Danish holiday home during this period cannot enter Denmark. We have compiled some information for you below and will try to help you in this unprecedented situation."